Khojayan defends client before Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals

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Shaun Khojayan at Fifth Circuit of Appeals, New OrleansNEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA – September 6, 2018 – Mr. Khojayan defended his client by appealing her convictions and sentence for healthcare fraud and payment of kickbacks to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. She was represented by different counsel at trial. Regardless, Mr. Khojayan argued that the jury instructions were improper, the evidence was not sufficient to convict her and her sentence was substantively unreasonable especially compared to other people in the case. The appeal demanded that her convictions be reversed and her sentence vacated. Mr. Khojayan, who is admitted in the Fifth Circuit, authored and filed the original briefs for the appellant and argued the matter himself before the circuit court in New Orleans.
Fifth Circuit Appeals New Orleans Courtroom