Khojayan Firm Sues The State of California for Death of Mother Due to Defectively Designed Highway

TECATE, CA – The Law Offices of Shaun Khojayan & Associates filed a lawsuit to sue the State of California (Caltrans) on behalf of Rafael Maya and the Maya family for the death of Martha Zepeda Robledo-Maya and the catastrophic injuries suffered by Rafael Maya. On or about February 18, 2006, Mr. Maya and his wife were traveling on California State Highway SR-94 near Barrett Lake Road. As the highway began to turn sharply, Mr. Maya unknowingly veered to the left of the roadway, unknowingly crossed over the median marked only by the double yellow lines, and began traveling westbound in the eastbound lane. Mr. Maya received no indication or warning that he was traveling in the wrong lane of traffic. Along this particular stretch, cars traveling westbound/eastbound are forced to contend with multiple, precarious twists and turns in the road as the highway declines/inclines. In addition, this particular section of the highway lacks any signs indicating the proper speed limit and lacks shoulder width for collision avoidance. The improper design of the highway constitutes a dangerous condition due to the physical changes within the area, including but not limited to an increased flow of traffic, the history of injuries and deaths on the highway, and the absence of median barriers or flexi-guide posts to prevent cross median collisions. Because of the dangerous condition, Mr. Maya and his wife were struck head on by another driver. At the time of the incident, the State of California had actual or constructive knowledge of the dangerous condition to have taken measures to protect against the dangerous condition. In fact, before this deadly collision, there existed and exists a sign on Highway 94 near Barret Lake that tallies the number of deaths each year on that stretch of the highway. Mr. Maya and his family seek recovery for losses including costs of medical care both past and future, loss of income, and companionship of their mother.

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