Sex Crimes Criminal Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles

Accused of Sex Crimes in California State or Federal Court?

Sex Crimes Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Attorney Shaun Khojayan has effectively represented many clients who were facing serious sex crimes allegations.

Child Molestation / Lewd Conduct with a Minor

Criminal Defense Attorney Shaun Khojayan has effectively represented many clients who were facing serious child molestation and sexual battery sex crimes charges. While the police are quick to believe children who make molestation allegations, the truth is that this is often not the case and there are children who are malingering or simply making up events. This Firm will hire the required investigators and experts to defend against these devastating sex crimes accusations.

Rape and Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is the use of actual or threatened physical force to coerce another person into engaging in unwanted sexual activities. This Firm defends against all types of sexual assault and rape accusations including Statutory Rape and Spousal Rape. There are many factual aspects of each case that need to be investigated and analyzed to defend against these accusations. Consent can be an issue in some cases. Further, each element of the charge must be attacked and defended against. Proper investigators and experts will be hired to fully defend each case. You deserve the best defense for sex crimes. This Firm can provide that to you.

Child Pornography, Computer Sex Crimes and Online Solicitation

My Firm and I defend individuals against accusations of the possession and/or distribution of child pornography. Complex defenses can be raised to these charges to both the elements of the offenses and the sentencing issues. Sometimes the accused had no role in placing the images on the computer. For example, computer viruses or other users could have placed them on the computer, as was the case in a prior case that this Firm handled. Indeed, the prosecutor must prove that the accused knowingly distributed child pornography.

These computer crimes require the expertise of computer forensics, investigators, and knowledgeable experts such as psychologists to help understand and reduce or dismiss charges. I have personally defended individuals against these harsh sentences and know the intricate laws and defenses that apply to these situations to help you avoid these unfair sex crimes charges and penalties.

Sex Offender Registration Violation

Sex offender registration is unfortunately for life. If you are accused of violating these terms, contact us so that we can assist you with any violation.

Prostitution, Solicitation, and Pandering Sex Crimes

Prostitution, solicitation and pandering can be serious offenses that have a lasting effect on your record. There are defenses to some of the illegal tactics law enforcement uses to gather its evidence in these cases. My Firm and I will review all evidence including the manner of the encounter, clothes worn, the conversations and the presence of any warrants. Through proper motions to exclude evidence and negotiations, we can reduce your exposure to these offenses.

Lewd and Disorderly Conduct

Shaun Khojayan represents individuals from all of California, and jurisdictions throughout the United States who have been charged with indecent exposure and lewd and disorderly conduct. This Firm will defend you against these accusations and resolve these charges as best as we can in your favor.